This Issue’s Good News

July/August 2022

Laughter is as a Good Medicine

We decided to see how much you know about our National Bird – – The Bald Eagle!

What the Editor is Thinking

Floyd shares some important facts as to what Angers God and what He Hates!

God Can Bless you FinanciallyPart I

Pat Sells, Our Financial Expert, shares how making “Back to School” a little more palatable for your wallet!

21st Century Business Person

Mark shares one of his all-time favorite speeches – – Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Speech, also known as THE SHINING LIGHT ON A HILL!!!

This Issue’s Thought Provoker

Our Editor shares a few salient questions in regard to Science and Creation.

Let Hymn Bless You

This issue we take a look at what many consider our most Patriotic Song, THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC!

God Can Bless you FinanciallyPart II

Financial Advisor Pat Sells takes a look at what very well may be the most important Financial question you will face this year!

Kingdom Family Culture

Columnist Mitch Crum, Co-Founder and Co-Director of FAMILY KINGDOM CULTURE, shares with us how he feels we are experiencing much of what Noah did after the Flood!

An In-Depth Study: Remarkable Faith Giants of the Bible

This Issue provides us with another array of Biblical Faith Giants!

Our Discovery Expert and L.I.S.T.E.N.

Our good friend Jacqueline Rozier uses her poetic talents to let us know how important it is to start life in a Cocoon!

Moneik Rozier: Lost

Moneik shares a wonderful dissertation regarding the importance of Compassion and when we show it!

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