As we believe that GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE is truly an undertaking initiated and directed by God, we are pursuing our Sponsors in a somewhat unique way.  While we DO have a Rate Chart, we ask that those who sponsor us do so under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  If you have a business and place an Ad, you can, of course, write that off as part of your Advertising Budget.  However, if you feel directed to simply make a donation and appear on our Sponsor Recognition List, please remember that we are NOT a Non-Profit Organization and, as a result, you CANNOT write off your gift on your taxes.  You can, however, be assured that your donation will help to promote and expand GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE!  One of the major goals Donated Funds will allow us to accomplish is the production of a CD that will feature a number of our favorite old time” Hymns.  Recorded in “Congregational Style,” it will be something you will cherish for years, as it will allow you to sing along either at home or in your car!  Performed by GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE GOSPEL-TEERS, who are just common folk like the rest of us, you may find that you even sing better than some of the performers, which will allow you to sing all the louder!



3 Months  –  $75.00
6 Months  –     $125.00
12 Months  –  $225.00


Size:  500 H X 270 W Pixels
Photos:  2-5 MBs 
Submission Format:  J-Peg
Submit To:  ads.ggng@gmail.com

I do not have a company to run an Ad for but WOULD like to financially help GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE.  Please accept my donation to help ensure the publication’s success.