About Us


God recently impressed upon me that the world needs a source for Good News. A place where people can see that God is still alive and well, and not only is He sitting on His throne but He is still reaching out to take care of, and Bless, His Children. God further went on to assure me that He wanted my wife and I to create GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE, providing a platform for Christians to tell of their challenges and trials and, most importantly, their Victories in Jesus.  As a result, GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE became a reality.


I find it extremely intriguing that God has called my wife and me to begin an On-Line Magazine at this stage of our lives. When I pointed out to God that I was 68 and asked if He was sure I could handle it, He pointed out to me that President Trump was 71 on June 14 of 2017 and HE is running an entire nation!!! I said, “Yes, Sir,” and here we are!!!

During that brief moment of trepidation, I was reading my collection of “Sermon One-Liners” and, lo and behold, the first two I have recorded are from Dr. Charles Stanley:

  1. My responsibility is to obey God and leave the consequences to Him.
  2. 2. If God calls us to do something He has already prepared the way for it to be accomplished.

These served as a tremendous confirmation, and we are now excitedly working on this project!

Satisfied that God had rightfully chosen me for this task, I realized that, actually, I have had a life-long preparation for this position. In the past four decades I have been involved with four local Christian Publications that were located here in the Greater Phoenix Area, advancing to the position of Assistant Editor with two of them:


Further, I have an extraordinary history of being published. In fact, I have had four Novels, about a dozen Novellas, and over 450 Magazine and Newspaper Articles published, with the latter ranging from BACKSTRETCH (Horseracing Magazine) and GOAL (Official Publication of the National Hockey League) to CESSNA and PIPER (Aviation Magazines) to Local Publications from MAKING ARIZONA YOUR HOME and BEAR ESSENTIAL NEWS to MINI-STORAGE MAGAZINE – to name but a few.


Actually, there are several reasons for this. First, as I Timothy 5:18b tells us: “The workman is worthy of his hire” (Darby Bible Translation). While we recognize the fact that the publication is now the major emphasis of our ministry, we do feel that God will help provide for our financial needs via this undertaking.

Also, we want our readers to feel vested in this publication, to consider it something they want to be a part of. As a result, we feel that one way to be vested is to invest in the publication – thus the Subscription Fee. Further, we want our readers to be submit their stories and Victories in Jesus to be shared by others, and the Subscription Fee will help ensure that the magazine “survives.”


To see GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE grow and prosper we know that it will take additional income. For example, we would soon like to be able to pay at least a nominal fee to those readers/subscribers who submit their story and have it published. Also, noticing that many of the “Old Hymns” are disappearing from our churches, we hope to produce several CDs featuring these old songs. They will be presented by the Good News Gospel-teers, and will performed in “congregational style,” so that listeners will be readily able to sing along. As we will be selling the CDs, this will be a self-perpetuating project. However, we will need to raise the funds for the initial “run” of CDs!

Our “Sponsorship Structure” was created so that people can “donate” to the publication and be recognized for their generosity. IMPORTANT NOTE: GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAETTE is NOT a Non-Profit undertaking and, as a result, any monies given to ensure its success CANNOT be written off for Tax Purposes (For more Information on this, please go to the SPONSORS Tab).