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Floyd Allen, Editor-in-Chief


Editor’s Note: I want to take just a moment and elaborate again on how, exactly, I view these Thought Provokers! Their purpose, and my intent!, is to get the reader to go outside their boundaries of comprehension and consider possibilities they may never before have been considered. The concept I present does not necessarily represent my opinion, though quite often it does. The reader’s purpose, if you would, is to contemplate what I present, and, I guess, try to decide whether these ideas may be something they want to re-consider and even adopt as their new opinion on the subject!

Down through the decades of my life, I have found that there are many who feel that when it comes to the existence of the Planet Earth and the life that inhabits it, there is a huge chasm that separates Science and Creation. As I look at my education during the 1950s, ‘60s and early ‘70s I don’t see anything that indicates this is the case. Now, I realize that I have been out of a “formal” learning situation where Science is concerned a lonnnngggg time, and, as a result, I might be totally ignorant of the latest discoveries that prove that I am wrong. So, I have compiled a list of questions so that those who are staunch believers of Evolution can answer and show me the error of my ways.

Now, first and foremost, let me assure you that these are not “trick” questions, nor are they being asked in a facetious manner. If someone can answer these questions with Scientific findings I will take a long, hard look at re-evaluating my beliefs regarding the validity of Evolution. With some of these questions I will share what I already know, as it will help others with what I am “hung up on” at this point. As you will note, some of these questions have several parts. So, here we go.

  1.  Who proved that Spontaneous Generation

DOES take place? When did they prove this? How did they prove it?

When I was in school they taught us that in 1862 Louis Pasture proved that Aristotle’s theory of Spontaneous Generation was not an accurate one! Aristotle, of course, did not have microscopes, X-rays, CT Scans, gas chromatography, chemical tests, electron microscopes, centrifuges, and had not even developed the so called scientific method to test theories.

Aristotle believed that organisms could arise spontaneously from favorable conditions, such as the maggots from dead flesh and fleas from dust. Pasteur disproved this by leaving some meat exposed to the air and covering up other pieces. The “covered up” pieces produced no maggots/flies, while the uncovered meat did. From this Pasteur accurately explained that the eggs of the flies produced the maggots which then, of course, became flies!

As I mentioned, I have heard nothing new about this. And, don’t think I haven’t looked and am just asking Y’all to do my research for me! While I didn’t find any proof that Spontaneous Generation does exist, I did find an interesting statement from Nobel Prize winning Harvard Professor George Wald. In an article published in a1954 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Wald made the following statement: “One has only to contemplate the magnitude of this issue to conclude that the Spontaneous Generation of an organism IS IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, here we are … because I refuse to believe in a Creator I have to believe in Spontaneous Generation.

  •  Who disproved the Second Law of

Thermodynamics? When did they disprove it? How did they disprove it?

Again, when I was in school we studied the Laws of Thermodynamics. We were taught that German scientist Rudolf Clausius was responsible for The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is summed up below:

Second Law of Thermodynamics – In the Beginning… The implications of the Second Law of Thermodynamics are considerable. The universe is constantly losing usable energy and never gaining. We logically conclude the universe is not eternal. The universe had a finite beginning — the moment at which it was at “zero entropy” (its most ordered possible state). Like a wind-up clock, the universe is

winding down, as if at one point it was fully wound up and has been winding down ever since.

Second Law of Thermodynamics (

For life to come from primeval ooze, the Universe would have had to “hiccup,” stopping its winding down. I would like to know who proved this happened, and how they proved it.

  • If DNA is a Code, who wrote it?

There isn’t really much more I can add to this!

  • If we all really did “evolve” from one source, why do we have so many different, and divergent, languages?

I know how it came about per THE BIBLE, but I have never heard a “Scientific” explanation for this.

  • If life began as a “chance happening,” why

has there never been two people with the same fingerprints?

It stands to reason, to me at least, that the law of averages and probability would indicate that at some point in time there would be two people with the same fingerprints. I would like to know the official explanation of this.

  • What did Duck Billed Platypus evolve from?
  • How does Science explain De-Evolution?

This one is going to take a minute to explain.

There are two types of snakes that have vestiges of hind legs: The Boa Constrictor and the Python. Now, it seems to me that if a critter once had legs and could walk, that reverting to crawling on its belly would be an example of De-Evolution.

I have heard this explained by saying that they actually came from lizards. Unfortunately, I have two problems with that theory:

  1. If that is the case, why do they only have vestiges of back legs, instead of having vestiges for both front and back legs?
  2. And, again, wouldn’t this be going backward, or be De-Evolution?

As with the advent of a number of languages, I

know the Biblical explanation of this, as I believe that it was either a Boa or Python that was in the Garden of Eden and, as a result, suffered the curse of having to crawl on its belly from that point on.

Those are my most prevalent questions regarding the supposed conflict between Science and Creation. That, and one other very important one: If Darwin proved the existence of Evolution, why did he refer to it as The THEORY of Evolution?!?!?!?!!!

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