This Issue’s Good News

September/October 2022

Laughter is as a Good Medicine

You will not want to miss Maynard the Bullfrog Watkins’ story about a beloved relative.

What the Editor is Thinking

Floyd takes an intriguing look at the concept recorded in Jeremiah 22:13.

God Can Bless you Financially … Part I

Pat Sells, Our Financial Expert, shares how that looking for a New Job isn’t what it used to be!

21st Century Business Person

Mark shares one of his all-time favorite prayers – Dr. Peter Marshall’s, “The New Man”.

This Issue’s Thought Provoker

Our Editor warns us to be careful about “Manifying” God!

Let Hymn Bless You

With Labor Day upon us, we felt BRINING IN THE SHEEVES to be a most appropriate Hymn to take a special look at.

God Can Bless you Financially … Part II

Financial Advisor Pat Sells reminds us that this may be a great time to begin our plans for 2023!

Kingdom Family Culture

Columnist Mitch Crum, Co-Founder and Co-Director of FAMILY KINGDOM CULTURE, reminds us that Life is composes of a series of Seasons, and how God celebrates some of these.

An In-Depth Study: Remarkable Faith Giants of the Bible

This Issue provides us with another array of Biblical Faith Giants!

Our Discovery Expert and A.S.K.

Our good friend Jacqueline Rozier pontificates on the necessity of being able to ASK!

Moneik Rozier: Lost

Moneik again Blesses us all, this time with an analogy regarding Babysitting that will just know your socks off!

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