This Issue’s Good News

What the Editor is Thinking

Floyd shares his simple approach to remembering God’s blessings, big and small.– For Everyone!

Laughter is as a Good Medicine – Valentine’s Day

Humor for you AND the one you Love!. – For Everyone! 

God Can Bless you Financially … Part I

Pat Sells, Our Financial Expert, shares five things that can affect your Credit Rating!  – For Subscribers

This Issue’s Thought Provoker

Our Editor has a question about the Book of Jude that you just might not be able to answer! – For Everyone! 

Let Hymn Bless You

February is oft times referred to as the “Month of Love,” so we have chosen a special Love Hymn. – For Everyone! 


Columnist Stephanie Goldman shares the fact that God sees our needs, and that He will supply them! – For Subscribers 

21st Century Business Person – We Are WHAT We EAT!

Mark McCuen has a most interesting take on, “We are what we eat!!!” – For Subscribers 

God Can Bless you Financially … Part II

Continuing with his “Credit” theme, Pat Sells reveals what your Credit Rating is based on and how to improve it! – For Subscribers  


Columnist Mitch Crum, Co-Founder and Co-Director of KINGDOM FAMILY CULTURE, shares three thoughts for the New Year! – For Subscribers 

An In-Depth Study:  Remarkable Faith Giants of the Bible 

To introduce you to this new Series, we review the stories of Abraham & Isaac; The Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnace; and Queen Esther!!!  – For Subscribers 

Our Discovery Expert and L.I.S.T.E.N.

Our good friend Jacqueline Rozier takes a look at L.I.S.T.E.N. for 2022. – For Subscribers

Moneik Rozier:  Open Your Minds

Our new Columnist, Moneik Rozier, daughter-in-law of Jacqueline Rozier, provides insight on the process of what opening our minds to new ideas can do. – For Subscribers 

A Letter For Today

Reign Jones – A new friend shares her goals for 2022! – For Subscribers 

Book Excerpt:

Parables of the Tabernacle, An Intimate Journey to the Heart of GodOur good friend, Mike Riches, very graciously agreed to share this segment of his book for your edification. – For Subscribers 

Floyd’s Weekly Blog for the Current State of God’s Good News

Keep current with “The Bible Guy” in Floyd’s weekly blog – For Everyone!  

Highlights from Our Facebook Page 

Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s not. Check out our Facebook posts and comments. – For Everyone!

Maynard “The Bullfrog” Watkins – Tangipahoa Bible Translations 

Join Maynard “The Bullfrog” Watkins, of WERD 1300am Radio, for Tangipahoa Translations of the Bible – For Everyone!  


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