This Issue’s Good News

What the Editor is Thinking

In a way that only he can, Floyd shares why it is important that we strive to be WHO and WHAT God created us to be!– For Everyone!

Laughter is as a Good Medicine

Due to its popularity last year, we have included a fun Patriotic Quiz for you to enjoy! – For Everyone! 

God Can Bless you Financially … Part I

Pat Sells, Our Financial Expert, takes a look at the impact that COVID – 19 has had, is having, and may have on you and your Business! – For Subscribers

This Month’s Thought Provoker

Wanting to start off the second half of 2021 with a BANG, Floyd tickles your brain with your thoughts about “Prosperity Faith!” – For Everyone! 

Let Hymn Bless You

You just can’t have a Fourth of July issue and include THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC– For Everyone! 


Our newest Columnist, Stephanie Goldman, explains what her column is all about, and why it is important to you! – For Subscribers 

21st Century Business Person

Corporate Expert Mark McCuen talks about the reality of Paranoia!– For Subscribers 

God Can Bless you Financially … Part II

Financial Advisor Pat Sells talks about the advantages to your Business of being Bonded. – For Subscribers  


Columnist Mitch Crum, Co-Founder and Co-Director of FAMILY KINGDOM CULTURE, describes “Faith” and “Faithfulness,” and the relationship between the two! – For Subscribers 

An In-Depth Study:

The Parables of Jesus – Part III – In this Issue Editor Floyd Allen takes a look at THE PARABLES OF THE RICH FOOL; THE GOOD SAMARITAN; THE FRIEND SEEKING BREAD; and THE GREAT BANQUET. – For Subscribers 

Our Discovery Expert and F.A.S.T.I.N.G

Our good friend Jacqueline Rozier continues to look at the process of Fasting, concentrating this issue on APPETITE and SUCCESS! – For Subscribers 

Floyd’s Weekly Blog for the Current State of God’s Good News

Keep current with “The Bible Guy” in Floyd’s weekly blog – For Everyone!  

Highlights from Our Facebook Page 

Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s not. Check out our Facebook posts and comments. – For Everyone!

Maynard “The Bullfrog” Watkins – Tangipahoa Bible Translations 

Join Maynard “The Bullfrog” Watkins, of WERD 1300am Radio, for Tangipahoa Translations of the Bible – For Everyone!  

The Advertisers of Tangipahoa 

Here’s a list of Maynard “The Bullfrog” Watkins’ advertisers. Next time you are in Tangipahoa, Louisiana please support Maynard’s loyal advertisers! – For Everyone!  

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